Simple custom ObservableCollection

This is a simple custom Observable/Trackable Collection implementation… Use it as it fits your needs… The code is as is and no guarantees :).

public class MyObservableCollection : Collection
private bool m_suppressNotifications;

public delegate void MyObservableCollectionItemEventHandler(object senderIn, MyObservableCollectionItemEventArgs eventArgs);

protected override void ClearItems()
if (!m_suppressNotifications && null != CollectionCleared)
CollectionCleared (this, new EventArgs());

protected override void InsertItem(int index, T item)
base.InsertItem(index, item);
if (!m_suppressNotifications && null != ItemAdded)
ItemAdded (this, new MyObservableCollectionItemEventArgs(index, item));

protected override void RemoveItem(int index)
if (!m_suppressNotifications && null != ItemRemoved)
ItemRemoved (this, new MyObservableCollectionItemEventArgs(index));

protected override void SetItem(int index, T item)
base.SetItem(index, item);
if (!m_suppressNotifications && null != ItemChanged)
ItemChanged(this, new MyObservableCollectionItemEventArgs(index, item));

public void AddRange(ICollection items)
m_suppressNotifications = true;
foreach (T item in items)
m_suppressNotifications = false;

if (null != ItemsAdded)
ItemsAdded(this, new EventArgs());

public event EventHandler CollectionCleared;
public event EventHandler ItemsAdded;
public event MyObservableCollectionItemEventHandler ItemAdded;
public event MyObservableCollectionItemEventHandler ItemRemoved;
public event MyObservableCollectionItemEventHandler ItemChanged;

public class MyObservableCollectionItemEventArgs : EventArgs
private int m_index = -1;
private object m_item;

public MyObservableCollectionItemEventArgs(int index) : this (index, null)


public MyObservableCollectionItemEventArgs(int index, object item)
m_index = index;
m_item = item;

public int ItemIndex
get { return m_index; }

public object Item
get { return m_item; }


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