Upgrading Xcode in OS X Lion – My MBPro Experience

Ok, I can say that I am a reasonable person and I usually don’t get frustrated at small goof ups by gazillion dollar companies. But this thing really pissed me off.
I forked over 30 bucks for OS X Lion for my 2010 MacBook Pro. The upgrade was relatively issue free and was a success. Then I tried to fire up Xcode. It said I needed to upgrade it to a newer version released for Lion.
Fine, Let’s do it, I thought.
I went to the App store on my mbp and navigated to the Xcode page. Clicked Install. A spinning wheel appeared. It stayed on for a while and then disappeared. And that was it. Nothing else happened. Tried the same thing over and over. Nothing else happened!
Went over the internet, searched all the forums, found that a lot of people had similar issues but couldn’t find a fix.
Then one day, while looking for something, opened Launchpad and scrolled to the second page. And there it was! Sitting there, paused, was my Xcode update download! Every time I clicked the Install button in app store, the download state in Launchpad toggled between ‘paused’ and ‘downloading’. What could I say? The app store should have said something like ‘downloading’! Nope. It said nothing…
Anyway, I clicked on the Launchpad item and it resumed download and the install was successful.
So that’s the story of my Xcode upgrade in OS X Lion.


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