Android Adventures

I am a Microsoft fan boy, more or less… I like their products, want their products to succeed, and use their products as much as I can. At least I used to. Then my mind wandered over to Android. I love it! I first started playing with my wife’s Samsung phone with GB. I wrote a couple of small apps for that phone and started messing around. Then I got hooked. I was using a really nice Nokia Lumia 900 at that time but decided to venture into Android world, so got myself a Samsung Galaxy Note. That has got to be the best phone I have ever seen/used in my life (then came Note 2, which is probably even better but I digress). And I have used a lot of different phones (Nokias, Blackberrys, an iPhone, a couple of Windows Phones). The level of customizations you could do was in itself a big plus for me.

I decided to take the next big step, a VERY risky one at that. Rooting and flashing ROMs. I was a bit nervous in the beginning because you can brick your phone. I gathered up some courage and finally did it last month. And it has been loads of fun since then…

I started off with Padawan v8, an ICS custom rom. It has a ton of very nice features, and of course no bloatware. It was pretty fast, no crashes or reboots. All in all a very good rom. I ran it for a couple of weeks, and then decided to move on to Jelly Bean.

Jelly Bean is a bit different because, unlike ICS, there is no stock rom for Note. So you have to work with unofficial JB builds. I tried a couple of different versions but finally decided to stick with CM 10.1 kang build by flappjaxxx (rom CM 10.1-20130225-FJKang-quincyatt). It is really beautiful, smooth and fast. This rom doesn’t have the S-Pen apps (since there is no stock JB rom yet), but the rest is so good, I can live without that stuff. I highly recommend this rom.

Even though my current rom is awesome, I am already searching for the next rom to flash :). This stuff is that addictive :).

If you are interested in custom roms I suggest you head over to xda developer forums. It has a lot of info. But I suggest you don’t take this lightly, because if something goes wrong with rooting or flashing your phone, you might be left with a bricked phone.


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