Do you Vote?

I have always been an avid complainer, always ready to complain about how bad things are in India. I would jump on any issue, post emotional comments on Facebook, discuss the issues rigorously and essentially do what most of the citizens of our great country do – NOTHING. I recently realized there is no end game to this. This is not a solution. We are just analyzing the problem, and not thinking about the solutions. So I started thinking about what needs to be done. Unfortunately I am too small a guy in this huge country to do anything significant. And I don’t think I am even qualified or capable of suggesting solutions to cleanup this country.

That lead me to think about the small things, but not insignificant, that I could do to at least bring about a little, no matter how little, change in people.

I started thinking about how bad our political system was. But quickly realized it wasn’t the politicians’ mistake that they were able to wield such enormous power. I realized it was us. We are handing the wrong people the power. Some are doing it directly and some are doing it indirectly. Both groups are doing this via one of the most powerful rights that a country could bestow on its citizens. The right to VOTE. Some people are using this right wrong. Some people are wrong by not using this right.

I think most of the educated populace doesn’t really care about elections. They don’t take voting seriously. If you take a moment to think about it, it becomes clear that if a majority of the non-voting reasonably thinking educated voters of this country take time to vote, they can tremendously influence the outcome of an election.

So I decided to try to do something small that a person like me can do – influence at least 10 people that I know to vote. If I can do that, I can be proud that I have done something for my country.

In our country people always come out in hordes to claim and yell about rights. But most of them don’t realize that a right comes with responsibility.

Are you ready to take responsibility? Or are you just content with having a meaningless right?


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